Internet access

Did you just move and are you in need of internet access in the Netherlands? Then this page is for you. Here we will explain what you need in order to have your internet up and running as soon as possible..

First there are some important things you should know:

  • The average delivery time of internet in the Netherlands can take up to 4 weeks! So make sure to plan accordingly.
  • You will always need a Dutch IBAN number and a Dutch telephone number to apply.
  • Most providers have internet subscriptions for a minimum of 1 year.

What kind of subscription do I need for internet access?

Most of the time you want your internet connection to be as cheap as possible. There are many providers in the Netherlands and sorting them all out can be quite time consuming business.
To make it a bit easier to pick your subscription, we already made a small list with the cheapest internet providers for you that can provide you with internet access on your adress. You do need a phone connection in your house to be able to use the subscription.

In some cases you might run into some trouble requesting your connection. An example of this is when there is no telephone line found by the new provider. You do need a telephone connection point to make use of any of the subscriptions listed. When you do not have a line or when you do have one, but the new provider cannot find it, then it might be wise to take a subscription from KPN instead. KPN is also the network provider in the Netherlands and they can find out where your line is or they can simply make a new one for you.

Complications with your connection

KPN is more expensive than most other providers, however they will usually get the job done when you really need your connection.

KPN all in one